Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Embarassing pastes and how to avoid them

The other day my manager asked me in a work chatroom for a link to some tool. I went look for it and pasted it in the chat room. To my embarrassment, my "copy" step didn't take effect so I pasted some randomly link I had previously copied and it turned out to be a link to a silly image. It could have been worse though.

So how to avoid this situation? You can always carefully read and check what you type but sometimes your finger is fast to hit enter. I've decided to write a Windows desktop app that will clear out the clipboard buffer if the text has been in there after some amount of time, ie. 1 minute. If you have an image paste, it will leave it alone.

There is also an option to recover what was cleared out so you'll never lose anything precious. The paste timeout is configurable also. The app was developed with Visual Studio 2013 for Desktop, written in C#.

Here it is if you want to try it out: ClearPaste